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1st anniversary gift of wine from the big night

Anniversary gift of wine from the wedding
It was my friend's 1st wedding anniversary. I thought the best gift for the occasion would be something that would remind them of...

Jake Lipp
May 27, 2017

Blown away by my 1-month anniversary present

A stuffed penguin wearing a tie of 'punny' pins
As a 26yo female in a big city, I've found myself feeling a bit jaded when it comes to dating - what with all the apps and people...

Anon penguin
Anonymous Penguin
May 16, 2017

12 Beers for 1 Year

I gifted custom six-packs that reflected each month of our relationship.
For our first anniversary, I gave my partner two build-your-own six packs with 12 unique beers. Each beer represented a month of our...

Bridgett Colling
Mar 22, 2017