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going away


Old Memories for Your New Place

A framed photo collage of our study abroad memories
Back in March, I was a student on a study abroad trip with my college. We went to England and Scotland, and visited so many truly...

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Franki Audino
Apr 18, 2017

A Simple Goodbye and Good Luck Gift

A gift card and a letter of gratitude
When I left my clinical job as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, I was not only leaving some amazing coworkers, but...

Gabrielle Valdes
Mar 12, 2017

Wanderlust Aide

Packing cubes
I had a birthday/going-away party before leaving for six months abroad, and a former boss who loves to travel as much as I do...

Allie Bernstein
Mar 12, 2017

To gift, or not to gift?

Personalized key chain
Last year I made an unexpected friend. My meeting him was kind of serendipitous. And, I am a huge believer of fate, destiny, kismet...

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Ann George
Mar 10, 2017

Graduation Baubles

A charm bracelet with charms for each of our friends
For High School graduation my group of friends decided to give each other a gift that we could always keep.  We all went to a...

Anon penguin
Anonymous Penguin
Mar 09, 2017
This summer I noticed one of our interns loved using post-its to remind her of to-do's. She would stick them to her laptop and...

Raadhika Nair
Mar 08, 2017