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Off-the-beaten path Chicago gift: Spices

Spice House's Chicago Ethnic Neighborhood spice kit
19 October 2017, Chicago: In May a new friend from Sweden gave me a Swedish candy bar. He was coming back to town in October. Oh,...

Karen Kring
Oct 19, 2017

Beauty and Function

Stainless Steel Comb from the Chicago Comb Company
The best gift I've received is a stainless steel comb from the Chicago Comb Company. It's a laser cut, hand finished comb which is...

Shay Howe
Sep 11, 2017

Sneak peek

Nathan for You tickets
One of my favorite comedians posted on twitter about a sneak peek of the new season of his show that is coming out this September. I...

Samantha Pumek
Aug 16, 2017

He can now listen to music on the go, cuz I listened to him!

Wireless earphones for my boyfriend who wanted to make his gym workout fun and entertaining
My boyfriend is not always motivated to go the gym and on multiple occasions I have heard him say, "if only I could watch something...

Raadhika Nair
Jul 16, 2017

A Surprise Massage

My boyfriend got me a 60-minute massage!
My boyfriend knows how much I love massages. He surprised me with a massage at a wonderful studio in Lakeview and then came and pick...

Jasmine new headshot
Jasmine Shells
Jun 30, 2017

Winning my Tummy Over

A fully stocked fridge and a new tradition
When I first started dating my boyfriend, I was working really long hours at a demanding job. I often wouldn't have time for...

Joan Jones
Jun 15, 2017

Pen pals for grown ups

A gift basket of all my favorite things
In February, I applied for a conference in Dallas, TX as an opportunity to network and build connections. When I found out I was...

Img 0467
Erika Borgsmiller
Jun 12, 2017

Mushrooms! (Not what you think ;)

A package of Lion's Mane mushrooms :)
A couple weeks ago I went to a neighborhood party with the man I'm seeing. At the party, I was very happy to run into a local...

Anon penguin
Anonymous Penguin
Jun 04, 2017

A Starwars room for my adopted son

Star Wars curtains, figurines, and pictures for my son's room
I never thought I would have a teenage adopted son as God blessed me with a very unique situation.  My new son had a past stemming...

Anon penguin
Anonymous Penguin
May 23, 2017