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Unexpected gifts are the best

Coffee mug, doughnut, card, cupcake
On my 28th birthday I showed up to the design program I just started a week ago and my teammates surprised me with a coffee mug that...

Wojtek Konstanty
Oct 10, 2017

Most unexpected gift ever!

My favorite book series
When I was in the fifth grade, I used to read a lot. My favorite books were The Series of Unfortunate Events. I loved the entire...

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Jasmine Leatherwood
Jul 18, 2017

For a Harry Potter fan

A gift card to the movies and a chocolate frog
Last year I made a new friend who also became an informal advisor to my startup. When her birthday came around, I wanted to do...

Gifts from a supervisee

Green tea and a travel cup with an infuser
It was my supervisor's birthday and I was excited to be invited to his birthday outing (we played whirley ball - it's amazing, try...

Gabrielle Valdes
Mar 12, 2017

Gift for a kid who loves collecting money

Foreign currency for the kiddo's money collection
I used to nanny for this kiddo that LOVED money. During my first week on the job, I took notice to his collection of Chinese yuan...

Gabrielle Valdes
Mar 12, 2017

A Simple Goodbye and Good Luck Gift

A gift card and a letter of gratitude
When I left my clinical job as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, I was not only leaving some amazing coworkers, but...

Gabrielle Valdes
Mar 12, 2017

Wanderlust Aide

Packing cubes
I had a birthday/going-away party before leaving for six months abroad, and a former boss who loves to travel as much as I do...

Allie Bernstein
Mar 12, 2017
The most heartwarming gift I received was from the wife of a coworker.  Shortly after having to terminate a pregnancy due to a...

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Andrea Shestopalov
Mar 10, 2017
This summer I noticed one of our interns loved using post-its to remind her of to-do's. She would stick them to her laptop and...

Raadhika Nair
Mar 08, 2017