Amy Cowin

Oct 19, 2017

Sisters and kidneys are the best gift!

Kidney Donation

The best gift I've ever given was my kidney. My sister was diagnosed with renal failure and I immediately offered her one of mine. We knew the wait for a donor kidney was going to be long and certainly longer than she could withstand, so I insisted she have one of mine. Just so happens that we were a near perfect match and since we were already like two peas in a pod and closer than twins, sharing a pair of kidneys would make us even closer. 

I went into surgery first and about an hour later my sister went into the operating room. We nearly gave our mom a heart attack. After waking up, I knew this was the best decision I had ever made, even though the pain was the worst I had ever experienced. The first thing my sister said to me when she woke up with her new kidney: "You're kidney is fat, but I'll keep it!" I offered to take it back, but I'd rather have my sister than my kidney any day. My sister is my best friend, confidant, roommate, co-mom to our dog Rocco and the best gift my mom could have ever given me.

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